Porter Cable Portable Air Compressor


porter cable portable air compressor

In service since early 2009 and still going strong today (2016).

Porter Cable C2002 Portable Air Compressor Review

This Porter Cable Portable Air Compressor really is a gem. I purchased mine (pictured) in the summer of 2009 and have used it to power my drywall hopper, my nail guns and making sure I don’t have to spend the ridiculous 50 cents for air at the local gas station to fill up my tires.

It’s small, and the one down side I’ve experienced is that you will need to let it “catch up” with you if you’re powering your drywall hopper or driving a lot of nails in a short period of time.

There is a regulator that, if you are driving a tool with 120 psi, will allow for about 30 pounds of backup. In other words, you’ll need to use up the 30 extra pounds of air before the regulator begins to drop below 120 psi. Actually, my portable air compressor shuts off after it gets up to about 140psi, but after 7 years that’s still pretty good. The 6 gallon canister will drop pressure with continual use. But, for the price of this portable air compressor, the occasional short wait makes the compactness of this unit well worth it.

I’ve never had issues with pressure drops or having to let my air compressor “catch up” very much, even when I’m shooting drywall mud (a continual drain on pressure).

Since it runs off of normal household current, I can carry it to virtually any job site where I’ll be needing it. It weighs in at 34 pounds and I can (practically) toss it into my truck at the last second. I do like to load it last so I can plug it in at the job site right away.

In the time I’ve used mine, I have never done a single thing for maintenance. I think I’ve cleaned off the outside of my Porter Cable C2002 maybe 3 times. Of course, I had to clean out the accessories bag many times, but that’s just because I get lazy and don’t zip it up. The next thing I know it’s full of sawdust from the plywood I just cut… 🙂

Be sure and pull the pressure release pin after you use it so you don’t store compressed air. If the canister is pressurized all the time I can imagine the seals would wear out sooner rather than later. Pulling the quick release pin will no doubt increase it’s life by saving the seals.

If you’re looking for a portable air compressor for your small business or for use at home, the Porter Cable C2002 Portable Air Compressor really does deliver exceptional value.

If you order online you can get free shipping at Amazon. But also be sure and buy one that clearly offers accessories. The accessories alone can run you over $50.00 easily. Usually though, even if you get the accessories, you’ll probably want to get a better air hose than the supplied one. The replacement hose I bought is a 25 footer and there are no issues with the slightly extra length. The tips that come with the accessories are all great though.

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