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Exterior Door Installation: Preparing The Doorway For A New Door

threshold base installed against concrete

Here’s my second article in my “Exterior Door Installation” series. You can see my article just prior to this one on How To Stain And Finish A Wood Door for pictures and description of the work I did on the new, unfinished wood door for this project before preparing the doorway. Be sure and check out the […]

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Exterior Door Installation: How To Stain (and Finish) A Wood Door

stained and finished wood door.

Recently I won a bid to install a new rear entry door on an older home. The homeowner loved the old wood door she already had, but it had so many problems, it was impractical to try and repair it. It needed a new threshold, an entirely new jamb, and the original installer had cut […]

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Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas lights are fun decorating ideas

Snowmen, nativity scenes, Santa and his reindeer, stockings, snowflakes, candy canes, wreaths, inflatable characters, garland, ribbons, colored Christmas lights! Christmas decorating ideas start with inspiration! Your house and yard can be a ton of fun, but without some pre-planning it can become rather cluttered looking and appear thrown together. Here’s to inspiration!

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DIY Appliance Installation: Things To Consider

appliance installation is not difficult

Armed with the right knowledge and tools, you could save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars by performing your own appliance installation. Having the wherewithal to just do it, many installs can be done by the average homeowner. Let’s explore various appliance installations and the things you’ll need for the job. We’ll also look at […]

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Curb Address Painting Done Right

White numbers on black background curb numbers

You can get everything you need for a simple black and white curb address painting at your local home improvement store for under $30, along with a few things you probably have around the house. There are more complex designs you can do too, and we’ll explore some of them as well in this basic […]

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7 Simple Ways To Conserve Energy This Year

Make sure your furbnace and blower are working efficiently

With rising energy costs ballooning our bills month after month, figuring out ways to conserve energy is on everyone’s mind. Recent heat waves haven’t helped and the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a colder than normal winter for the southwest this year. With a little upgrading and maintenance, your systems can hum and purr, saving you money […]

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Choosing The Best Indoor Ceiling Star Scape

glow in the dark ceiling star scape looks like a real night sky

Having a room with stars on the ceiling used to conjure images of nurseries and kid’s rooms, but not any more! High end ceiling murals, fiber optics, star scapes and glow in the dark ceiling stars have transitioned to front and center decor applications in media rooms, lounges, bedrooms and spas everywhere. In this article, […]

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Fencing Materials to Choose From For Security and Looks

picture frame cedar fence

Are you considering building a fence this coming spring? If so, it can be helpful to get an overview of the different types of fencing materials and styles available. Check out these options, and get ahead of the game by taking some time to think about how each one might look in your yard!

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Ejector Pump Maintenance and Troubleshooting

ejector pump maintenance tools

by Vincent West Many inventions have been made to make life more comfortable, healthy and sustainable. One such invention is the ejector pump. Although many people may overlook its importance because of its dirty job, the ejector pump ensures that household waste is disposed of in the right way and keeps the homeowner safe from […]

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