Ejector Pump Maintenance and Troubleshooting

ejector pump maintenance tools

by Vincent West Many inventions have been made to make life more comfortable, healthy and sustainable. One such invention is the ejector pump. Although many people may overlook its importance because of its dirty job, the ejector pump ensures that household waste is disposed of in the right way and keeps the homeowner safe from […]

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Post Puller For Fence Builders: Pulling Fence Posts With Ease

When I was working my handyman business, I had many fence building and fence post replacement jobs that required me to pull a lot of fence posts, both 4” square wooden posts and metal posts, almost all of them buried in concrete. I didn’t have a post puller for a long time. Without some sort […]

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Simplifying Your DIY Project

simplify your diy project

Things to Know Before You Start a DIY  ProjectThere’s no reason to be afraid of rolling up your sleeves and starting your own DIY project. Aside from saving you money, you’ll also be learning a new skill. And let’s not forget gaining pride from seeing a project to completion from beginning to end.With that said, you […]

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Fiber Optic Star Ceiling

 Editor’s Note: This awesome star ceiling project article was written by my friend Peter who completed this project completely on his own. He explains how much it cost, how he did it and the time it took. He took all the pictures as well! I only edited it for formatting here and slightly for grammar and continuity. […]

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How To Build A Shed

shed building tips

Sometimes building a shed in the backyard is the perfect idea for extra storage! Building a shed from a kit is a great way for the novice to this project. How to Build A Shed The easiest way to build a shed in the backyard is to make a trip to the local Lowe’s or […]

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Understanding Swimming Pool Chemicals

swimming pool chemicals help clarify water

Swimming pools aren’t normally blue, crisp and inviting without just a little help from swimming pool chemicals. We’re all familiar with Chlorine, of course, but if you want to dig a little deeper to get a much broader and clearer picture of practically every chemical used in chlorine pools, here’s your chance. Please note: As […]

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Free Woodworking Plans

truly free woodworking plans

You’ll Need To Sort Through Links To Find The Best Woodworking PlansIn my last article I said I might compile a bunch of links to truly free woodworking plans. Okay. I hear you and I’m going to deliver those plans today.  Most of the websites the I found are really good, many offer premium woodworking […]

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Woodworking Books: Five Best-Sellers Reviewed

woodworker's coffee table project

Woodworking Book ReviewsWith so many choices for woodworking books available online and at your bookstore, it’s often difficult to get clear and reliable information. Which book is best to get and which title might best suit your particular needs? I’ve been a woodsmith in my own right for over 30 years, and I hope to have […]

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Chlorine Pool Maintenance

regular pool maintenance goes a long way

Pool Maintenance is Way Easier Than Cleanup We all want to swim in water that looks great, feels clean and invites us in. Chlorine pool maintenance is not that hard, really, unless you let yourself get behind, or algae begins to take over your pool. Cleaning up a pool is a different job than regular […]

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