Chlorine Pool Maintenance

regular pool maintenance goes a long way

Pool Maintenance is Way Easier Than Cleanup We all want to swim in water that looks great, feels clean and invites us in. Chlorine pool maintenance is not that hard, really, unless you let yourself get behind, or algae begins to take over your pool. Cleaning up a pool is a different job than regular […]

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5 Remodeling Salvage Tips from a Demolition Contractor

remodel salvaging tips

  Quick! Name three things that can be recycled! Chances are you thought of aluminum cans, paper, and maybe plastic. But we’re betting you didn’t think of houses. That’s right—entire houses can be recycled these days! To recycle a house, you’d need to find a willing buyer and arrange transport to their plot of land. […]

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Reclaimed Wood Has Never Looked So Good

reclaimed wood never looked so good

Incorporating Reclaimed Wood into your Surroundings When you’re looking for a cost-effective way to bring hardwood into your home or office space, reclaimed wood should be at least one of your considerations. It’s an eco-friendly material for sure. It’s also about more than just up-cycling. It’s about making the decision to help keep perfectly usable […]

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Green Lawn Care Tips Made Easy

eco-friendly lawn

We all want a greener lawn – both in color and in making our yard and surroundings more earth friendly. So, here are some lawn care tips that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood and help maintain a healthy soil in your yard. Lawn care is typically considered a chore, but it […]

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How To Patch Drywall Holes – Part Two

I Had To Patch Drywall Holes In My Garage… In order to continue to get my garage organized and still feel good about my progress, I had to patch drywall holes for a couple of hours. Having to patch drywall holes is all part of the process of getting my garage organized. At least it […]

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Basic Drywall Repair – Part One

Basic Drywall Repair; Wall PreparationSo this is actually step two of getting my garage organized. Drywall repair preparation was really key since I want to paint my entire garage, and decided to work just one wall at a time. My garage has really become a disaster area since we moved in for a lot of […]

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Organizing My Garage: First Steps And Goals

The Garage – First Things First… Organizing my garage seemed like a pipe dream for a long time. Things would come up, work got in the way, etc. etc. blah blah. To boot, it’s SO messy that I dreaded anyone seeing it. Okay. I had a video posted of the horrible mess, but I had […]

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Exterior Painting Supplies And Tools

exterior house painting tools and paint supplies

Always Use The Right Exterior Painting Supplies And Tools Using the correct exterior painting supplies will ensure the best results when painting the exterior of your home. You already finalized your exterior paint project and picked the paint colors to use, but you also need to be sure of the tools that you will need […]

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Prepare Your Home For Winter

prepare your home for winter

Prepare Your Home For Winter Proper care for your home in every season is time-consuming and expensive, but proper care of your home will make it last, letting you enjoy every benefit of owning your own home!  If you are aware of the problems that can arise, you can prepare your home for winter and […]

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