Roof Replacement Concepts To Think About

do not neglect your roof!

A Good Roof Can Last 30 Years When the roofing on your house has aged past its expected life span, roof replacement becomes necessary. Problems will start to occur that cause considerable damage to your home’s structure. Inside the house, roof leaks can cause water to run down the inside of walls. That can damage […]

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Five DIY Energy Saving Tips To Lower Utility Usage

energy saving tips

Practical DIY Energy Savers Homeowners are tired of high heating and cooling costs, and they are wondering what DIY energy savers they can do right away to save some money. Are you looking for easy and effective DIY projects that will help bring your utility bills under control?  We’ve got a handful of great ideas […]

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Residential Roofing Contractors Provide Very Different Estimates

residential roofing contractors

Research Residential Roofing First When we bought our house, we knew that it wouldn’t be long before we’d need to talk to a residential roofing contractor. The house was older but in generally good repair. The roof had been on the house for over fifteen years and the edges of the roofing were starting to […]

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Regular Gutter Cleaning And The Hidden Values

gutter cleaning

Make Gutter Cleaning Part Of Regular Maintenance Like all maintenance chores around the house, gutter cleaning on a regular basis is extremely important. When you make the decision to purchase a home you are not only taking on the benefits of home ownership, you are also taking on all of the responsibilities that come along […]

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DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance

DIY air conditioning maintenance

Savvy homeowners have a DIY air conditioning cleaning routine for cleaning the furnace and evaporator compartment as well as the compressor unit before winter sets in and when spring breaks. And, they know the importance of monthly filter changes.DIY Air Conditioning CleaningDIY air conditioning maintenance Salt Lake City residents perform in the spring and fall […]

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Water Chemistry In Chlorine Swimming Pools

free chlorine vs total chlorine

Water Is Actually A Solvent Swimming pool water chemistry, as most pool owners know, can be a confusing topic when you look at it scientifically. Water is actually a solvent and when your pool water chemistry is out of balance it can and will try to satisfy it’s own need for certain minerals by dissolving […]

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How To Calculate The Number Of Gallons In A Pool


The importance of Knowing Your Pool Capacity In Gallons Before going into any discussion about how to correct any chemical imbalance of your pool water, you need to know how to calculate the number of gallons in a pool. Online calculators are not very specific to unusual pool shapes and won’t always give you the […]

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Swimming Pool Shapes And Designs That Work

Swimming Pool Shapes And Designs Are you thinking about having a pool installed at your home? It’s easy to find lots and lots of swimming pool shapes and designs online in photos that can make you drool. In this article I’m simply going to talk about basic swimming pool shapes and designs as an overview […]

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Porter Cable Portable Air Compressor


  Porter Cable C2002 Portable Air Compressor Review This Porter Cable Portable Air Compressor really is a gem. I purchased mine (pictured) in the summer of 2009 and have used it to power my drywall hopper, my nail guns and making sure I don’t have to spend the ridiculous 50 cents for air at the […]

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