Window Cleaning Tips – How To Wash Windows Like A Pro

A while back a good friend of mine who owns a small window cleaning business lost his only employee and asked me if I would help him out for a few days. I really didn’t stick with it long enough to be really good at it, but he did give me his window cleaning tips, […]

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Residential Solar Power – Understanding Solar Panels

home made soalr panels

  Residential Solar Power Residential solar power is becoming more and more of a viable option as electricity costs keep going up. Actually, it’s not all that hard to build your own solar panels, once you get inclined to do it and learn how. It’s a great idea to understand what it is and what […]

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Spider Mite Control In Your Garden Plants

How To Spot Spider Mites There are thousands of species of mites, so this article addresses the household plant spider mite as a pest and some simple as well as aggressive ways to eradicate them as well as prevent them. Spider mites can destroy plants and they are typically very difficult to see. Most of […]

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I Have Green Pool Water – The Challenge


This past winter I didn’t do much in the way of pool maintenance. So what? So now I have green pool water. That’s what. This is the third year we’ve lived in our house. The first year was really all about learning how to maintain a pool and keeping up with the pool chemicals. I […]

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How To Build A Bookshelf On Top Of A Half Wall For Added Storage And Safety

bookshelf on top of half wall back view

Here’s how to build a bookshelf  for both storage and safety where small children and 2nd floor half walls that overlook a first floor are concerned. This bookshelf project took about 25 working hours to complete and another 4 to 5 hours to install and apply the finishing touches. I worked on it over a […]

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Wind Powered Generator Kits – Two Strategies To Make Them Work for You

Wind Powered Generators For Home Energy If you are looking into home energy production, a wind powered generator definitely needs to be one of your considerations. There are distinct advantages of going the wind powered generator kit route that I will attempt to explain in this article. Home energy production is at least a partial […]

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Pest Control and Home Security

  Crawling insects and creeping rodents are a sure sign you need some sort of pest control. Nobody likes it when pests appear. Aside from being startled and outright scared, the presence of these annoyances poses an actual threat to the people living with them. Yes, it’s obvious pests are an annoyance, but they can […]

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Sewer Smell In The House? When To Hire A Plumber May Be Now!

sewer smell in house

A Disgusting Sewer Smell Is Just The Beginning…Plumbing professionals provide a vital service in every community. Unfortunately, just about every homeowner and business owner will need the service of a plumber at some point in their life. The plumbing system really is an extensive network that’s fragile and complex, and events can happen leading to a […]

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Safety On The Job: Building Safety Into Everything You Do

 Safety On The Job Begins With YouIf you think taking measures for the sake of safety is a pain, try a fractured leg. Accidents happen in an instant but a scar lasts forever…Safety on the job isn’t just a good idea, it’s should be second nature by now. I used to fly airplanes and got my […]

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