Grab Bars For Bathrooms: Three Important Things To Know Before Installation

Grab Bars For Bathrooms Whether you are looking for grab bars for yourself, a loved one or you are a handyman wanting to add installing grab bars to your arsenal of tricks, there are a some definite things that need to be considered before you begin. There is of course style to consider, but make […]

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Choosing The Right Handyman Matters!

hiring the right handyman matters

Every homeowner that hires a handyman will wonder if they’ve hired the best handyman for the job. It’s bound to happen and even causes some people to hesitate or worse, let an important project go because they aren’t sure how to get the right man for the job. If you hire the wrong guy, he’ll […]

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Choosing A Small Dehumidifier For Your Home

learnWhy You Need A Dehumidifier If you’re thinking about getting a dehumidifier and you’re not sure what size or kind to get, read on. All homes need some sort of humidity control for optimal health for you and your family as well as the safe-keeping of your home. The EPA suggests that you should maintain […]

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Decyphering Handyman Rates For Home Repairs

This article is a supplement to the article “How Much Does A Handyman Charge” that I wrote last year. I think my previous article gives some good insight into the home improvement industry as a whole, but maybe I can offer a better answer to the question: What are fair handyman rates, & how much […]

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Building Your Own Shed From Proven Shed Plans

cool tool shed

A shed is more than just a good project idea. It can become an exceptionally great idea when you build it with help from your family. Good times, hard work, a sense of accomplishment and achievement. And the payoff is a high quality shed. I love this: If you have a garden, you’ve probably already […]

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Radon Gas And Granite Countertops

granite countertop radon gas threat?

Is Your Counter Top Emitting Radon Gas? There was for at least a time a major concern about granite counter tops and radon gas exposure. The truth is, there really is only a small amount of radon gas emitted from granite, but normally the amounts are so low that they do not present a danger. […]

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Air Conditioning Cleaning: How To Clean Central A/C Evaporator Coils

Attic-unit-furnace-air handler A-coil

This article is a compliment to “How To Clean Central A/C  Condenser Unit Coils”. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be discussing air conditioner evaporator coil cleaning inside of the air handler of a split central air system, typical of air conditioning systems in the Dallas area. My central air conditioning system happens to […]

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How To Clean A/C Condenser Coils

Possibly the single most important factor to maintaining your air conditioning unit is keeping it clean and well maintained. Not only will good maintenance reduce your energy consumption and save on your monthly bills, but clean condenser coils will make your A/C unit last longer and keep it running efficiently. You can also read “How […]

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Installing A Skylight Chandelier: Transforming A Skylight Into A Work Of Art

skylight transformation

This Skylight Chandelier Installation Was A Pain In The Neck Wow! I just finished installing a chandelier into a skylight. It was one of the funnest projects I’ve done in quite some time. This skylight was pretty big, almost 8 feet across and went all the way through the attic to the roof over ten […]

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