My Top 11 Home Improvement Ideas For 2011

I figure it’s high time for me to create my own “top 10” home improvement ideas, but since it’s 2011 now, I thought I’d do a “top 11” list :-).  There are some things that will always be at the top of any list, but I’ve thrown in a couple of home improvement ideas that […]

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How To Detect Termite Damage To Drywall

before and after images of termite damaged drywall

This article covers basic drywall repair that could be caused by virtually anything including termite damage to drywall, water damage to drywall or just patching big holes in drywall. The photos on this page were taken from work I did in May of 2010 after exterminators got rid of a pesky termite home invasion. 

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How Much Does A Handyman Charge?

Handyman charges how much

What Should A Handyman Charge? So what should a handyman charge? Hmmm…it depends. The short answer – in Dallas, and most everywhere else, the cost range can be dramatic…and confusing. The quality of a handyman service can vary greatly because of the nature of the business, it seems a lot of people try their hand […]

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Preparing Your Home For Resale; Home Staging Tips That Work

My Best Home Staging Tips Are All Here I got a lot of these home staging tips from a real estate agent who helped me make a very tidy profit on one of my homes. I sat with her and asked her if I could take notes on her ideas for staging a home going […]

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Hiring A Handyman Or Contractor – Tips For Homeowners

Handyman Hiring Tips – It’s About Common Sense Are you hiring a handyman for that project of yours or a general contractor? Do you know the difference? Often a contractor’s fees to handle small projects are cost-prohibitive. A good handyman can provide a practical and cost-effective solution. Most handymen can handle a variety of odd […]

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Controlling Insects Around The House

There are lots of products available for controlling insects around the house. Using chemicals is only part of the solution. In this article, I’ll address the most common pest problems around the house and how to get rid of household and yard pests. Controlling Fire Ants Very common problem in the Dallas area, and it […]

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How To Replace A Simple Light Fixture

Simple light fixtures can cost as little as $8.00 or as much as a few hundred. Here you will learn how to replace a simple common light fixture. It covers the basics, but you can apply these steps to almost any fixture.

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Exterior Painting Tips and Tricks

Painting Tips That Will Help Every Homeowner To give your house a maintained, clean appearance, promote friendly neighbor relations and gain instant curb appeal, exterior paint is the first thing you may want to consider. Painting the exterior of your house gives it a fresh and clean look and can add value to your home […]

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