Building Your Own Shed From Proven Shed Plans

A shed is more than just a good project idea. It can become an exceptionally great idea when you build it with help from your family. Good times, hard work, a sense of accomplishment and achievement. And the payoff is a high quality shed. I love this:

This barn was made from shed plans I drew up myself.If you have a garden, you’ve probably already thought about buying or building a garden shed. A garden shed can offer a number of advantages. A shed can be used as a place to store garden tools or used as storage for additional plants, fertilizers, and so on. Even if you don’t have a garden, a shed can add considerable storage space and help you clear out garage clutter. Imagine your garage free of clutter and having your tools organized! Every homeowner should seriously consider a shed. With proper planning, you can easily build a storage shed yourself.

cabin is really a shed from simple plansThe biggest benefit to having a good storage shed is of course storage for tools and gardening or pool supplies. If you’re like the typical gardener, then you will need a variety of rakes, hoes, spades, and shovels. You will probably have need for wheel barrows at one point or another, and you are likely to need a range of pots for your smaller plants. Pool owners need a place for their chemicals, nets and brushes. And of course, everyone needs a place to park their mower.

Take a look in your garage. Everything you have and use takes up space. Having a garden shed gives you a place to store all of the regularly and seldom used tools away from where your car should be parked. A well-built shed can provide a safe place for tool storage as well. Be sure not to overlook the design of the entrance to your shed. No place is entirely safe, but a good sturdy lock keeps honest people honest and certainly helps to ensure the safety of your tools.

cool tool shedIf you are like me, you will quickly imagine where your shed will be, and what it will basically look like. Since it is highly unlikely that you will be able to find what you have imagined at the home improvement store, you will probably resort to designing one yourself. If you’re handy (and I really hope you are!) 🙂 then I highly recommend doing a thorough search on the internet and look at several construction ideas. There are a ton of ideas out there, and settling too quickly on one design may come back to bite you. You can purchase a multitude of very good shed plans too. (Grab a free shed plan by clicking the link and reading through.)

If you decide to build your own shed, you should start by choosing your favorite shed plan. You are going to have to construct some sort of foundation, walls, an entry, and a roof. Those are common elements to all sheds, but how you put the pieces together can make all the difference in the world. You’re going to spend money anyway, so you may as well spend it on what you really want. Of course, if you are a novice at drawing up comprehensive plans, you probably should get a hold of some good shed building plans that are done for you.

Plan your time, materials and budget carefully before your start. Take your time and do a good job, and you will begin to finally get organized!

You can click this link and immediately download over 12,000 shed plans and hundreds of other woodworking projects.

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