When You Decide To Convert A Carport Into A Garage

My sister and her husband have lived in their amazing home for 5 years now. The two of them have loved every aspect of the home except one, they wanted to convert a carport into a garage alongside their home. Since buying the home they have contemplated building around the carport to create a garage for their home.

Check Local Codes Before You Convert A Carport Into A Garage

turn a carport into a garageRecently they decided to change their existing carport into a garage.  They started their project and enlisted me in helping them build the creation. We began by making sure that we were following the local building codes and regulations.

We found out that in the area they needed to obtain a special permit to allow them to build a garage in place of the carport.

Permission Granted For A New Garage

Once we knew we were okay to build, and they had obtained the permit, we started the construction. We followed the instructions we had been given by one of their neighbors who did the same thing. The y instructions go as follows:

  • Measuring the area of the carport. We needed to make sure that the garage would be large enough for the cars to fit into it comfortably. This measurement was about 21 feet deep by a width of about 21 feet.
  • Luckily we believe that the builder of the home had planned for someone to do this in one day. The height of the roof of the carport was large enough for us to be able to install a motorized garage door.
  • When we knew the measurements were large enough for what we wanted to do, we started by cutting the 2x4s to the dimensions that we needed.
  • Then we nailed the 2x4s in place, attaching them to the roof and the floor of the carport.
  • Next we cut the plywood to be placed on the external part of the garage, and nailed them to the wood frame.

Leave Critical Things To The Pros

When we got to this point they decided to let the professionals take it from here. They searched around for what contractors had to offer. They picked a beautiful wooden garage door that matched the exterior of their home from a reputable dealer and installer.

After the garage installation a man came and installed the new door and we continued to finish the transformation of the carport.

  • We began by installing insulation between the wall studs.
  • Next we decided to finish the garage by hanging drywall.
  • They decided that they wanted to paint the drywall to make it look like a completely finished garage.

By the time this carport into a garage conversion was complete, their house gave off a completely different look. If you saw a before and after picture side by side, (sorry I didn’t get any photos to share so I had to make-do with the illustration above) you probably would say it was not the same home. My sister and her husband were so excited to complete this transformation. They were glad that they had a safer place to park their car. In addition to safety they were glad that they were able to keep their vehicles out of the harsh Utah winter weather.

If you want to convert a carport into a garage, then follow some of these steps and get help where you need it and you’ll be good to go!

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