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Ejector Pump Maintenance and Troubleshooting

By Phil Vandermeer / January 27, 2018

by Vincent West Many inventions have been made to make life more comfortable, healthy and sustainable. One such invention is the ejector pump. Although many people may overlook its importance because of its dirty job, the ejector pump ensures that household waste is disposed of in the right way and keeps the homeowner safe from […]


Guide To Conserving Home Energy

By Phil Vandermeer / July 23, 2016

Conserving Home Energy Conserving home energy is on everyone’s mind this summer. Heat waves are all over US cities in 2016. Maybe you too are feeling burned by high summer energy bills? You don’t have to sweat it out ‘til September with the AC turned down or even off. With a little home maintenance, your […]


Chlorine Pool Maintenance

By Phil Vandermeer / June 11, 2014

Pool Maintenance is Way Easier Than Cleanup We all want to swim in water that looks great, feels clean and invites us in. Chlorine pool maintenance is not that hard, really, unless you let yourself get behind, or algae begins to take over your pool. Cleaning up a pool is a different job than regular […]


“Green” Lawn Care Tips Made Easy

By Phil Vandermeer / April 26, 2013

We all want a greener lawn – both in color and in making our yard and surroundings more earth friendly. So, here are some lawn care tips that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood and help maintain a healthy soil in your yard. Lawn care is typically considered a chore, but it […]


Exterior Painting Supplies And Tools

By Phil Vandermeer / August 30, 2012

Always Use The Right Exterior Painting Supplies And Tools Using the correct exterior painting supplies will ensure the best results when painting the exterior of your home. You already finalized your exterior paint project and picked the paint colors to use, but you also need to be sure of the tools that you will need […]

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