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Regular Gutter Cleaning And The Hidden Values

By Phil Vandermeer / July 18, 2012

Make Gutter Cleaning Part Of Regular Maintenance Like all maintenance chores around the house, gutter cleaning on a regular basis is extremely important. When you make the decision to purchase a home you are not only taking on the benefits of home ownership, you are also taking on all of the responsibilities that come along […]


DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance

By Phil Vandermeer / July 13, 2012

Savvy homeowners have a DIY air conditioning maintenance routine for cleaning the furnace and evaporator compartment as well as their compressor unit before winter sets in and when spring breaks. And, they know the importance of monthly filter changes. The climate in Utah’s capital and largest city is one of the features that draws newcomers […]


Water Chemistry In Chlorine Swimming Pools

By Phil Vandermeer / July 1, 2012

Water Is Actually A Solvent Swimming pool water chemistry, as most pool owners know, can be a confusing topic when you look at it scientifically. Water is actually a solvent and when your pool water chemistry is out of balance it can and will try to satisfy it’s own need for certain minerals by dissolving […]


I Have Green Pool Water – The Challenge

By Phil Vandermeer / March 25, 2012

This past winter I didn’t do much in the way of pool maintenance. So what? So now I have green pool water. That’s what. This is the third year we’ve lived in our house. The first year was really all about learning how to maintain a pool and keeping up with the pool chemicals. I […]


Air Conditioning Cleaning: How To Clean Central A/C Condenser Unit Coils

By Phil Vandermeer / July 26, 2011

Possibly the single most important factor to maintaining your air conditioning unit is keeping it clean and well maintained. Not only will good maintenance reduce your energy consumption and save on your monthly bills, but clean condenser coils will make your A/C unit last longer and keep it running efficiently. You can also read “How […]

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