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Understanding Swimming Pool Chemicals

By Phil Vandermeer / August 19, 2014

Swimming pools aren’t normally blue, crisp and inviting without just a little help from swimming pool chemicals. We’re all familiar with Chlorine, of course, but if you want to dig a little deeper to get a much broader and clearer picture of practically every chemical used in chlorine pools, here’s your chance. Please note: As […]


Choosing The Right Handyman Matters!

By Phil Vandermeer / October 2, 2011

Every homeowner that hires a handyman will wonder if they’ve hired the best handyman for the job. It’s bound to happen and even causes some people to hesitate or worse, let an important project go because they aren’t sure how to get the right man for the job. If you hire the wrong guy, he’ll […]


Decyphering Handyman Rates For Home Repairs

By Phil Vandermeer / September 14, 2011

This article is a supplement to the article “How Much Does A Handyman Charge” that I wrote last year. I think my previous article gives some good insight into the home improvement industry as a whole, but maybe I can offer a better answer to the question: What are fair handyman rates, & how much […]


Radon Gas And Granite Countertops

By Phil Vandermeer / August 11, 2011

Is Your Counter Top Emitting Radon Gas? There was for at least a time a major concern about granite counter tops and radon gas exposure. The truth is, there really is only a small amount of radon gas emitted from granite, but normally the amounts are so low that they do not present a danger. […]


How Much Does A Handyman Charge?

By Phil Vandermeer / April 15, 2010

What Should A Handyman Charge? So what should a handyman charge? Hmmm…it depends. The short answer – in Dallas, and most everywhere else, the cost range can be dramatic…and confusing. The quality of a handyman service can vary greatly because of the nature of the business, it seems a lot of people try their hand […]