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Simplifying Your DIY Project

By Phil Vandermeer / June 22, 2016

Things to Know Before You Start a DIY  Project There’s no reason to be afraid of rolling up your sleeves and starting your own DIY project. Aside from saving you money, you’ll also be learning a new skill. And let’s not forget gaining pride from seeing a project to completion from beginning to end. With […]


Free Woodworking Plans

By Phil Vandermeer / July 21, 2014

You’ll Need To Sort Through Links To Find The Best Woodworking PlansIn my last article I said I might compile a bunch of links to truly free woodworking plans. Okay. I hear you and I’m going to deliver those plans today.  Most of the websites the I found are really good, many offer premium woodworking […]


5 Remodeling Salvage Tips from a Demolition Contractor

By Phil Vandermeer / August 28, 2013

Quick! Name three things that can be recycled! Chances are you thought of aluminum cans, paper, and maybe plastic. But we’re betting you didn’t think of houses. That’s right—entire houses can be recycled these days! To recycle a house, you’d need to find a willing buyer and arrange transport to their plot of land. Even […]


DIY Appliance Installation: Things To Consider

By Phil Vandermeer / August 24, 2012

There are several stages when performing a DIY appliance installation. Basically, all appliance installations are to be conducted pretty much the same way from home to home, otherwise there is a high probability that mechanical issues or danger might occur. The different stages to follow in an appliance installation process are the removal, the modifications, the […]


Completing A DIY Home Improvement Project

By Phil Vandermeer / August 15, 2012

DIY Home Improvement Projects Save Money If you are interested in making some type of change to your home, you may want to do the work yourself. Many people perform DIY home improvement primarily to save money. By doing the work yourself, you won’t have to pay a contractor for his labor. The labor of […]

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