Ceiling Stars: Choosing The Best Indoor Star Scape

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Image Courtesy of Kamal Solanky. Click the image to learn more about this artist.

Introduction to Ceiling Stars

Having a room with stars on the ceiling used to conjure images of nurseries and kid’s rooms. But not any more. High end ceiling murals, fiber optics and glow in the dark ceiling stars have transitioned to front and center decor applications in media rooms, lounges, bedrooms and spas everywhere.

If you want to explore the idea of having your own star ceiling, the questions are plenty…What kind, how much, how long, benefits, which looks more like a real night sky…and so on and so on.

ceiling stars

This DIY project shows a star ceiling panel right after hanging it.

This article will help you understand the various kinds of ceiling stars and what it takes to go from what you imagine to what it actually takes to get it up on your ceiling. If you’re considering a star ceiling for your home, this is a great place to start.

It can be very easy to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a dramatic star ceiling project, and maybe that’s not a problem for you. However, it’s probable that you may want to explore various methods and applications. We’ll break it down to help you get those creative juices flowing.

Due to the rising popularity of star scape ceilings, as with everything, there are more and more ways being developed to get the perfect night scape onto your ceiling.

Considerations for the type of stars you want might include budget or accessibility of the attic, desired style.

Star Ceiling Applications

Perhaps one of the more common applications of star ceilings nowadays is for use in media rooms. Other uses include master bedrooms, dens, built out basements and of course, baby rooms and nurseries.

Here are a handful of star scape ideas:

*mural style painted ceiling

*mural style glow in the dark painted ceiling

*pre-manufactured star ceiling panels – Fiber Optic on painted panels

*pre-manufactured star ceiling panels – Fiber Optic on cloth covered panels

*DIY Ceiling panels – Fiber Optic

You can paint your ceiling stars with either normal or glow in the dark paint, drill holes directly into your ceiling and feed fiber optics through the holes, drill holes into some sort of panel and hang it on your ceiling or hire someone to paint your ceiling for you.

A good quality glow in the dark paint can be difficult to find and is expensive. I do not make a recommendation here. Just understand that the glow in the dark paint you buy at the local hardware store will give you less than desirable results.

There are a handful of artists who can paint a very realistic mural on your ceiling with high quality glow in the dark paint, but the vast majority of mural painters are inexperienced with realistic star scape murals, and can ruin your ceiling.

The video below is from Night Sky Murals. This guy apparently travels all over the world painting murals on ceilings and from what I’ve seen he does a wonderful job. I have no idea what he asks for one of his murals, but the results are astounding. You may want to check out his site.

If you want to skip his introduction and go straight to the star ceilings shots, just jump to 3:30 in this video:

Ceiling Stars That you Stick On

You can also purchase little glow in the dark stick-on stars that can be very realistic. There is some merit to this method – it’s less expensive than fiber optics, does not require electricity to look at (once the stars are “activated”) and looks really good. I can’t really tell if these things will last though, or how long it would take to apply say, 1500 “stars” to your ceiling. It’s certainly worth a look anyway.

Check out TheGlowPatch.com for more information on these high-end stick on glowing stars.

Below is The Glow Patch’s You tube video. It’s only a couple of minutes long but worth a look since you’re researching.

Fiber Optic Lighting Kits

Fiber optic is widely used and can be a very nice method for getting a star field onto your ceiling. Whether you drill holes directly into your ceiling or build (or buy) panels to drill into, fiber optic are a great middle ground way to go. A friend of mine did his ceiling using a popular Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit from Weidamark. His turned out really great. He did his media room with a single, eight foot in diameter panel he built himself that he drilled holes into and mounted his light kit to. Here’s a link to his article.

Ceiling Star Panels That You Can Buy

Buying and installing pre-manufactured star ceiling panels may be an option for you. It’s way easier than building from scratch, and perhaps less expensive than hiring out the entire project. Still, it can be rather pricey to buy a set of panels. You’ll still have to install them, too. If you are looking for media room supplies, equipment and so on..I found this site, which is full of great information.

Ceiling Stars That You paint On Yourself

This is pretty self-explanatory. All I will offer on this, if this is the route you want to go, is that if you just start on your own with a halfway brilliant idea, you might want to think twice about panting your own ceiling with a personal galaxy. It’s more difficult to get it right than you may be imagining. I’m certainly not saying you can’t paint a mural yourself, but if you’ve never painted a mural, better yet on the ceiling, you might want to reconsider.

Glow Stars

Self-adhesive glow stars are readily available on Amazon and elsewhere and they are not expensive. This may be an alternative for you. (if realism isn’t necessarily your goal) You’ll need to “load” the stars with light as well. They will glow for a while, but may fade sooner than you’ll like. Still, if giving a baby something to look at while their eyes grow heavy, this might be the right ceiling idea for you.

Benefits of Having Your Own Ceiling Stars

Some people have reportedly sat in the room of their house with the star ceiling, just to gaze at it. I can only imagine that those people have taken the time, effort and investment required for doing the job right. Whether they hired it out, built their own ceiling panels, used pre-made panels or had a mural painted, It is fairly certain they took the time, energy and focus they needed to create what they imagined in their homes.

I hope the information here has helped you to realize your dream of having a room with ceiling stars yourself.

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