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Christmas Decorating Ideas – Creating An Outdoor Wonderland

By Phil Vandermeer / November 27, 2011

christmas decorating ideas with lights

Snowmen, nativity scenes, Santa and his reindeer, stockings, snowflakes, candy canes, wreaths, inflatable characters, garland, ribbons, colored Christmas lights! Christmas decorating ideas start with inspiration! Your house and yard can be a ton of fun, but without some pre-planning it can become rather cluttered looking and appear thrown together.

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Some Christmas Decorating Ideas To Get The Juices Flowing

Take a careful look at your house and yard. Do you want to dress up the yard, trees and bushes? Just the house? It’s a good idea to choose a theme and stick to it. If you like artificial icicles, for example, then you should use other types of lights sparingly or use a single color for other places, like around windows. Finding the balance for your house between too much and too little is key. You should consider the rooftop, lawn and porch as well as the house itself. Take a picture. You can overlay some tracing paper and draw out your Christmas decorating ideas over and over until the right inspiration hits you. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come right away. Keep at it and your own Christmas decorating ideas will begin to flow.

LED or Incandescent Lights?

LED lights are dazzling and bright and don’t get hot, but have a higher price tag than standard incandescent lights. If your primary Christmas decorating ideas begin with lots of lights and you want to make an investment for the long term, LED lights are a good choice when decorating for Christmas. You’ll love the look and you’ll also save on electricity. On the other hand, incandescent lights are traditional and can create a tasteful and charming look. If your lighting plan is modest, you might consider blinking or chasing lights. They add a dimension that will enhance even the simplest lighting scheme. Spot lights and flood lights can add a splash of color to an otherwise plain display.

Christmas Decorating Ideas – Accessories

Christmas decorating ideasLighted inflatable characters always look great at night. They are large and very colorful. And, when the season is over, they can be stored in less space than say, a wire framed accessory. Strings of lights can be shaped into stars or candy canes over your own wire frame, which can be stored or discarded without too much worry over excessive costs.

Subtle Christmas Decorating Ideas

Subtlety can change an average looking house into a clever, eye-catching house. A large wreath or red bow on the garage or front door adds a nice final touch. If you plan to combine lights with accessories, keep the lighting simple, like a single color with no blinking lights. That will create a nice backdrop for your display.

Christmas Decorating Ideas – Understanding Your Plan

Develop an overall plan and think it through before you buy. That will give you a clear idea of how many lights you’ll need as well as which type and colors you’ll want. Look around online to get the whole picture and save time driving around. That will give you a larger picture of what’s available as well so you get what you want without having second thoughts later on.

Your display will create a feeling. Address the feeling you want your visitors to have before buying a lot of different things. All too often, people buy without planning first, and then don’t use everything or have too much or too little of what they really want. Christmas lights and decorations put people into a cheerful mood so keep the mood cheerful when planning. Pick one theme and stick with it.

Finally, don’t forget to use a timer for your lights. You can have your lights go off at 11:00 PM or midnight without having to do anything yourself. It’ll save time and spare your energy bill to boot.

If you’re looking for some great Christmas decorating ideas with synchronized lighting displays, there are some very cool displays you can watch on YouTube. Don’t get too excited about running out and copying the big ideas though, unless you’re ready for a large investment in time and money. Synchronized lighting displays can reach 45,000 lights that “dance” to music that is broadcast over a low frequency radio signal and it can take many years to develop that kind of dazzle.

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Have fun this year, and Merry Christmas from Your Dallas Handyman!

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