Post Puller For Fence Builders: Pulling Fence Posts With Ease

When I was working my handyman business, I had many fence building and fence post replacement jobs that required me to pull a lot of fence posts, both 4” square wooden posts and metal posts, almost all of them buried in concrete. I didn't have a post puller for a long time. Without some sort of post pulling tool, I would get busy with a shovel, digging around one side fo the fence post until I could push the post over, then keep digging until I could drag it out of it's hole. No fun.

manual hole dug by hand

Post Pulling Pain

If you’ve ever tried to manually dig out a fence post then you already know it can be both time consuming and back-breaking.  Perhaps you only have one or two posts to dig out, then by all means dig away. You’ll eventually get it done. If you need a little help and don't mind spending a few dollars on a good post puller tool, then keep reading. I have a few tips for you today.

If you’ve got a lot of fence posts to pull, then you need a good tool. Plain and simple. A decent post puller can save you an incredible amount of work. Post pullers are not complicated, and you can pick one up pretty cheap, and you do need to figure out some way to pull fence posts without spending the kind of time and energy that manual shovel digging and post pulling will take.

Hi-Lift Post Popper

The Hi-Lift Post Popper (pictured) is a very reasonably priced post puller that utilizes simple leverage and heavy duty materials to easily pull small and medium-difficult fence posts out of the ground efficiently and quickly. It will pull T-posts, fence posts buried in concrete and even tree stumps without the pain of having to dig all day. 

The best thing about the Hi-Lift Post Popper is the bang you get for your buck. At under 80 dollars, you can pay for it easily in the time you've saved on just one fence job. You may need to use some muscle on a stubborn post that's deep or has a lot of concrete to come out with it, but it's worth every cent.

I highly recommend it if you need to pull out more than one or two fence posts.


You could invent your own post-pulling method, like with a car jack or a winch, but you’ll need to rig it up onsite and it still takes quite a bit of time. You will save your back though, so that may be a choice for you. I did find a video that shows you a few ways to pull a fence post without breaking your back…If you don’t mind spending some extra time on your fence.

Here's that video I found that will show you a few ways to pull fence posts. It ends with a demo of a car jack rigging. Fine if you have a few posts to pull. Not so great if you are a real pro:

There are a bunch of fence post pullers you can buy. If you have a lot of posts to pull, or you happen to be a handyman or fence pro, then you absolutely have to have a fence post puller you can set up fast and pull posts out of the ground easily and quickly. Handymen need to make money. A good quality fence post puller doesn’t need to cost a whole lot though. Here’s a good one for under a hundred bucks. It won't break the bank and it'll handle most medium and even a few heavy-duty jobs.

Hi-Lift Jack PP-300 Post Popper