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truly free woodworking plansIn my last article I said I might compile a bunch of links to truly free woodworking plans. Okay. I hear you. Most of the websites I found are really good, many offer premium woodworking plans (“premium” meaning, you have to pay for them) and give away a plan or two so you can test-drive their products. It’s a great idea. That’s what you’ll find here, mostly.

So just remember while you browse some of these free woodworking plans that they are exactly that. Free. You’ll probably have to look around a bit on some of these sites to find what you want. And, what’s free may not always be awesome. Many of the links I’m offering here will take you to pages that will try to persuade you to buy premium woodworking plans, which is totally cool. It’s all part of the deal, anyway. That said, I’ve made sure you’ll get some great value from each and every link.

If they do get you to buy premium woodworking plans, please let me know about it in the comments. I’ll definitely want to share your findings.

In this remarkably short list, you’ll find 100’s of woodworking plans. Just be forewarned: you’re going to have to do a little hunting on your own. It’s a good hunt though, and you’ll find lots of great plans right here.

Links To Free Woodworking Plans:

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Beginner Woodworking Resources



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