Organizing My Garage: First Steps And Goals

The Garage – First Things First…

Organizing my garage seemed like a pipe dream for a long time. Things would come up, work got in the way, etc. etc. blah blah. To boot, it’s SO messy that I dreaded anyone seeing it. Okay. I had a video posted of the horrible mess, but I had to take it down. I had some people looking at my website I could NOT let see the video. Sorry.

So anyway, my garage was totally messy and I always have trouble finding what i needed when I needed it. The task was so huge, I decided to break it down into steps so I can organize my garage systematically and get some goals accomplished along the way. Along the way I believe you’ll get get some garage organizing ideas and tips too.

In my defense, I feel the need need to explain a little bit why my garage turned into such a mess in the first place. Well, there’s no excuse, but there are just a couple of reasons. We’ve been in this house now for 2 years. It was purchased from a bank as a repo, and we got a very good deal on it. However, the old owners never did anything to keep it up and so it started out as a project house. My daughter was 1 month old when we closed, and since we needed to paint, repair, lay floors and do all kinds of things throughout the entire house, the garage became the “catch all” of our belongings and my tools and projects.

It is what it has become. Terrible, to say the least.

I have – at last count – seven projects piled up in here. Organizing my garage means doing it in stages. So the first thing I did was trash everything that either had no value or very little value. Then I cleared away just one wall so I could repair the minor holes and paint it. I figure with one wall completely done, I can get a sense of accomplishment and go from there.

First goal to get my garage organized:

Clear away one wall and paint it.

Time It Took:

Well, I haven’t painted it yet, but I spent 1 hour throwing useless stuff away, and I know I’ll be throwing more out as I go. Then I spent about 3 hours moving everything away from the wall. I don’t feel closer to getting my garage organized yet, and the rest of the garage is for the worse at least for now, but I have a totally clean wall. I also have about 4 feet cleared away from the wall so I can paint it.

organizing my garage - declutter

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Next Goal Toward Organizing My Garage:

Paint the first wall and organize my garage storage and shelving for that wall.

Throughout this article and video series, I’ll be building shelves, painting, woodworking and some other cool stuff, so you may want to subscribe to my newsletter and updates and I’ll send you a weekly report on what got posted for the week.

My next article is done now, which is preparing the first wall for drywall repair. Check it out here.

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