Attractive Garden Water Features On A Budget

Great Gardens Enhance Great Parties

Nothing enhances a garden and attracts your neighbors like having garden water features. You can put whatever type of ornamentation you desire of course, like a fountain or some other type of fixture. There are plenty to choose from, and some people struggle to make the best decision for them.

A pond is one of many beautiful garden water features and many gardens today have them. They come in various shapes and sized, and really pick up a garden scene. You can add some reeds, bull rushes, and water lilies, but the best feature, for kids and grownups alike, is underwater – fish.  Using flexible rubber mats for the liner can help you create the pond in just about any shape.

Always remember to take safety precautions when adding garden water features to your yard, especially if children will be around.

If your water garden features fish and a pond, it will require the proper care. Ponds need to have regular cleaning, and the fish have to eat, so you have to feed them. A lot of pond owner wanna-bes are always curious about how to feed these fish. They want to know what to feed them, how much to feed them, and how often. There really is no fixed and set amount for feeding the fish.

Feeding the fish does come with some very important issues. You have to consider the size of the fish and how big their appetite is, along with their delicate digestive systems that will differ with different water temperatures when it changes.

Fish should be fed the right kind of food. While they’re eating heartily, then serve them food that helps them be healthy and active. Get some good nourishing and nutritious fish food from a pet store. If you feed them things like eggs and bread, these things are less nutritional and may cause them problems in their digestive systems. You can buy floating pellets that are full of high protein and good nutrition for them. Plus it gets the fish used to feeding at the top where they can be admired.

Starting with early Spring and into late Autumn, fish are pretty energetic, and you can feed them about every day. If they seem to want more, then go ahead. You are never going to force feed a fish, if they don’t want it, then they won’t eat it. But when you get into colder months, they eat less frequently and are less active. They can even get to the point where no food is necessary at all, like during Winter.

Garden Water Features Attract Insects

When you finally have your garden like you want it, full of shrubs and foliage and flowers, then your plant life is going to attract lots of insects. At this time you’ll have to feed the fish less. They’ll get plenty of natural food, and you can begin with fish pellets again towards Autumn. High protein pellets will help prepare them for Winter. Then you should repeat with the pellets again in Spring, to give them recovering energy for their breeding season.

Creatures and water features work hand in hand to add lots of beauty to your garden. You can expect to see toads and frogs hanging out around your water garden features. So now you have not only a pleasurable and beautiful addition to your garden, but you’re sustaining life, both plant life and aquatic.

Water garden features can literally and figuratively add life to your yard and garden.

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