Paint Your Own Sidewalk Address Curb Numbers

Curb address numbers are fairly easy to paint with just a little know-how.

curb number painting

Upward Facing Curb Numbers Were Painted Without Protective Coating In May, 2008

You can get everything you need for simple black and white address curb numbers at your home improvement store for under $15 plus a few things you probably already have around the house. There are many complex and colorful designs you can attempt, but if you’ve never painted a curb, start with a basic black numbers on a white background or white numbers on a black background. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. One can each of black spray paint and white spray paint. I recommend Rustoleum brand and use their basic flat enamels. You can improve the overall look by using a specialty paint like Painter’s Touch but the basic flat enamel works great.
  2. 1/2″ wide masking tape.
    curb address numbers

    The exact same curb after 3 years, 11 months

  3. Masking paper.
  4. Three inch high numbering stencils
  5. Small brush for touch ups.

Make Your Address Curb Numbers Look Good

To start, figure out exactly where you want the numbers to appear on your curb. Using the 1/2″ masking tape, tape your numbers together lining the stencils up along the edges. If you use Cole oil board stencils your numbers will be about 1″ apart. (Cole numbering stencils used to be available at Home Depot, but recently I have not been able to find the numbers-only pack there…maybe they were just out of stock)

Prepare The Curb Surface Properly

Once you locate the spot for your numbers, use a heavy brush to knock off the dirt from the curb, then mask an area 5″ high by 11″ wide. This width can vary depending on the actual numbers you are painting. For example, if your address is 1111 Fox Avenue, you will not need all of 11 inches. Tape your numbers together, then measure the combined width, then add 1-2″ on each side. You can tape some newspaper around your painting area to protect the surrounding area from over spray. Then simply apply your background color. If you want white numbers, apply a black background. Use a back and forth motion and lightly cover the entire area, paying attention to the edges and corners. Continue spraying until you have good coverage. Rough concrete requires a little extra paint. Let your back ground dry for a few minutes until the surface feels dry to a light touch.

Apply The Curb Number Stencils

Once your background is dry enough to apply tape to it, center your assembled number stencil to the background, and tape it securely on all edges. Mask the remaining background from getting painted.

My Curb Number Painting Techniques

Paint the stencils carefully using short bursts of paint. You can wear rubber gloves and use your fingertips to press the edges of the numbers as you go and that will minimize under spray. Once complete, you can remove the stencils immediately and allow the numbers to dry a little.

If you have some under spray, spray a little paint into the cap of the paint can and use a small brush to touch up any areas that need it.

painted curb number

Basic white numbers on a black background

Finally, remove all your masking and you will have new curb numbers that should last for years!

The curb shown in the second photo is painted on an upward facing curb in Dallas, Texas and has endured several hail storms, 2 ice-overs and the other regular heavy Dallas storms. It was painted exactly as described in this article. Since then I have discovered that you can spray a clear protective coating on top and get more years life out of the paint job. Reflective coating on top of your painted curb numbers helps them to be visible at night and acts as a protective coating as well.




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  1. Just fixing to start curb painting for fun and profit lol Whats a realistic amount that can be made weekly thx S.

  2. Hi Steve,

    As always, the answer is…it depends. It depends on your skill, your willingness to work hard and how well you market yourself. If it’s only a hobby, you might earn $10 -$20 an hour if you try, or upwards of $40 an hour if you can plan your time, properly market yourself and work efficiently. Good luck!

  3. Is there a different way to do it or any special instructions if you are painting onto a rounded curb as apposed to a flat, upward facing curb?

  4. Reflective spray paint is a wast of money. Instead buy bags a reflective powder glass. $2 a pound last I checked. Apply glass to a light wet clear coating, reflects perfectly on brightly colored addresses, including keylime green! Flexible material for your numbers to go around curves.

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