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Understanding Swimming Pool Chemicals

swimming pool chemicals help clarify water

Swimming pools aren’t normally blue, crisp and inviting without just a little help from swimming pool chemicals. We’re all familiar with Chlorine, of course, but if you want to dig a little deeper to get a much broader and clearer picture of practically every chemical used in chlorine pools, here’s your chance. Please note: As […]

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Chlorine Pool Maintenance

regular pool maintenance goes a long way

Pool Maintenance is Way Easier Than Cleanup We all want to swim in water that looks great, feels clean and invites us in. Chlorine pool maintenance is not that hard, really, unless you let yourself get behind, or algae begins to take over your pool. Cleaning up a pool is a different job than regular […]

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Water Chemistry In Chlorine Swimming Pools

free chlorine vs total chlorine

Water Is Actually A Solvent Swimming pool water chemistry, as most pool owners know, can be a confusing topic when you look at it scientifically. Water is actually a solvent and when your pool water chemistry is out of balance it can and will try to satisfy it’s own need for certain minerals by dissolving […]

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How To Calculate The Number Of Gallons In A Pool


The importance of Knowing Your Pool Capacity In Gallons Before going into any discussion about how to correct any chemical imbalance of your pool water, you need to know how to calculate the number of gallons in a pool. Online calculators are not very specific to unusual pool shapes and won’t always give you the […]

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Swimming Pool Shapes And Designs That Work

Swimming Pool Shapes And Designs Are you thinking about having a pool installed at your home? It’s easy to find lots and lots of swimming pool shapes and designs online in photos that can make you drool. In this article I’m simply going to talk about basic swimming pool shapes and designs as an overview […]

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I Have Green Pool Water – The Challenge


This past winter I didn’t do much in the way of pool maintenance. So what? So now I have green pool water. That’s what. This is the third year we’ve lived in our house. The first year was really all about learning how to maintain a pool and keeping up with the pool chemicals. I […]

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