Prepare Your Home For Winter

Prepare Your Home For Winter

prepare your home for winterProper care for your home in every season is time-consuming and expensive, but proper care of your home will make it last, letting you enjoy every benefit of owning your own home!  If you are aware of the problems that can arise, you can prepare your home for winter and any conditions.

Every spring, despite looking forward to barbecuing, jogging, and playing a leisurely game of horseshoes, thousands of homeowners everywhere must first deal with leaking or broken gutters.  More homes will experience water damage each year because of ice dams building up through the winter, all due to a clogged gutter.  All of these compile to add additional accidents caused by ice created by these leaking gutters and fixtures.  Be a responsible homeowner and fix the problem before it takes care of your wallet.  Repairs are much more expensive than maintenance.

Winter can be a dangerous time of year, but when you properly prepare your home for winter can avoid accidents.

Gutters & Pipes:

Sprinkler lines and gutters all have things in common.  If left in the pipes, any leftover water from your summer watering will freeze and break the piping.  You are then left with leaky useless features to your home.

Be glad you live in a modern age, where there are new developments every year to make it a little easier for you!  But many you think to yourself, and I don’t live in a million-dollar home, I can’t afford a lot of these things.  While the expense can be true, there are small things you can do to prevent your home from crumbling in the winter weather!

Winter Weather Prevention:

1. Install heat tape for gutters around your house!

Frozen water and ice can collect between pipes and cables and cause damage to your home.  Don’t let frozen water crack those cables that wire your home and cause additional damage.  Install heating tape to eliminate ice buildup around your home.

2. Drain all pipes and gutters regularly.

Don’t wait for the build-up and damage to occur.  Each season, you should be cleaning out dirt and debris that clog up your pipes.  Scoop out larger objects and wash the rest down.  If you are close to winter, do not fill the gutters with water because they could freeze.

3.De-Ice Your Gutter with Cables.

During the winter, your gutters fill with water and experience extra pressure.  But they protect the exterior of your home and roof.  So make sure you line your gutters with heating cables to eliminate the extra stress.

4. Fill all underground systems with Anti-freeze.

Don’t spend the costly amounts of money year after year replacing your sprinkler pipes.  Just fill your systems with antifreeze to flush out water which can cause damage to your pipes.

By preparing your home for winter, you will be excited when winter rolls around.  Have your home set up with all you need to eliminate water damage from frozen water.  Set up your home early, don’t wait for the cold weather to set in.  Call a heating company to help you install or provide you with winterized equipment.

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Article By Lacie Christensen

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