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Exterior Door Installation: How To Install A Prehung Door

prehung door installation

This article is the last of a three part series on staining, finishing and installing an unfinished, pre-hung wood door. The first article, “How To Stain and Finish A Wood Door” covers choosing the right door for your application, unpacking it and staining it in preparation for replacing an old door. In the second article, I covered […]

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Exterior Door Installation: Preparing The Doorway For A New Door

threshold base installed against concrete

Here’s my second article in my “Exterior Door Installation” series. You can see my article just prior to this one on How To Stain And Finish A Wood Door for pictures and description of the work I did on the new, unfinished wood door for this project before preparing the doorway. Be sure and check out the […]

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Exterior Door Installation: How To Stain (and Finish) A Wood Door

stained and finished wood door.

Recently I won a bid to install a new rear entry door on an older home. The homeowner loved the old wood door she already had, but it had so many problems, it was impractical to try and repair it. It needed a new threshold, an entirely new jamb, and the original installer had cut […]

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Fiber Optic Star Ceiling

 Editor’s Note: This awesome star ceiling project article was written by my friend Peter who completed this project completely on his own. He explains how much it cost, how he did it and the time it took. He took all the pictures as well! I only edited it for formatting here and slightly for grammar and continuity. […]

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How To Build A Shed

shed building tips

Sometimes building a shed in the backyard is the perfect idea for extra storage! Building a shed from a kit is a great way for the novice to this project. How to Build A Shed The easiest way to build a shed in the backyard is to make a trip to the local Lowe’s or […]

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Reclaimed Wood Has Never Looked So Good

reclaimed wood never looked so good

Incorporating Reclaimed Wood into your Surroundings When you’re looking for a cost-effective way to bring hardwood into your home or office space, reclaimed wood should be at least one of your considerations. It’s an eco-friendly material for sure. It’s also about more than just up-cycling. It’s about making the decision to help keep perfectly usable […]

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Residential Solar Power – Understanding Solar Panels

home made soalr panels

  Residential Solar Power Residential solar power is becoming more and more of a viable option as electricity costs keep going up. Actually, it’s not all that hard to build your own solar panels, once you get inclined to do it and learn how. It’s a great idea to understand what it is and what […]

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How To Build A Bookshelf On Top Of A Half Wall For Added Storage And Safety

bookshelf on top of half wall back view

Here’s how to build a bookshelf  for both storage and safety where small children and 2nd floor half walls that overlook a first floor are concerned. This bookshelf project took about 25 working hours to complete and another 4 to 5 hours to install and apply the finishing touches. I worked on it over a […]

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Wind Powered Generator Kits – Two Strategies To Make Them Work for You

Wind Powered Generators For Home Energy If you are looking into home energy production, a wind powered generator definitely needs to be one of your considerations. There are distinct advantages of going the wind powered generator kit route that I will attempt to explain in this article. Home energy production is at least a partial […]

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