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roof replacement

A Good Roof Can Last 30 Years

do not neglect your roof!When the roofing on your house has aged past its expected life span, roof replacement becomes necessary. Problems will start to occur that cause considerable damage to your home’s structure.

Inside the house, roof leaks can cause water to run down the inside of walls. That can damage electric wiring and drywall. Creating an environment where unhealthy mold may grow is nothing to sneeze at (pun intended).

Leaking water can cause stains on the ceiling, and in many cases, its collapse. By taking a pro-active approach to the problem of aging shingles or roof material, homeowners protect their property. Not to mention the well-being of their family.

Roof replacement is inevitable on every house. Make sure you get your roof replacement done before other damage occurs. I should categorize this article under “maintenance”, but well, unfortunately, all too often roof replacement falls under “repair” because of neglect.

Most homeowners know when the current roof was installed. Or at least an approximation of the date if the source of information is an inspection report from when the house was purchased. Based on the original installation date and the roofing material, a roof replacement date can be calculated fairly accurately.

An Evaluation By A Roofing Professional Is Cheap Insurance

An evaluation by the current roofing contractors may be necessary if there seems to be increasing problems with the roof’s integrity, no matter how old it is. The type of material roofing Toronto residential buildings often have is asphalt shingles. The underlying layers consist of a “deck” which is typically 4X8 plywood or decking.

That decking is secured to the rafters. On top of that, sheets of waterproof material is added which helps prevent leakage. These elements are carefully positioned to create a system that is durable and long-lasting. You want your roof to last through repeated seasons of hot summers and cold winters.

Metal pieces called flashing are fit tightly around the chimney, vents, and any skylights that may be in place. Flashing prevents leaking at these critical joints. If you have any questions about the make-up of a new roofing system and its components, ask your prospective roof replacement contractors for an explanation. Each description you get may well help you decide which of the contractors you want to work with. Especially if a couple of the work proposals are very close in scope and price.

Pay Attention To Your Roof Replacement Contractor

As you discuss roof replacement materials with the representatives of at least a few roof replacement companies, listen carefully to their product descriptions.

Pay special attention to the estimated life span for each class of material. How the shingles have been tested to hold up to the general types of damaging conditions that can occur in your area can be strikingly different from material to material. Sub-par shingles can warp or deteriorate due to ongoing exposure to weather conditions in your region.

Much of the the roof’s ability to provide protection to the house is related to how well the installation process is handled. Make sure you have a good handle on each step of the process the prospective contractors describe. If at all possible, you’ll want to check the references contractors provide to hear how roof replacement of past customers are holding up over time.

When the work on your roof begins, you may want to have your family members take a little vacation. Being exposed to the sounds and hubbub is unpleasant at best. The first stage can be noisy as the old roofing that most houses have is torn off and removed from the property. The bare rafters and decking are typically covered with tarps for protection in case of any passing rain showers. However, installing the new barriers and shingles should begin right away.

Hidden Costs Are In The Decking And Rafters

If there was extensive damage to the existing roof, repairs to the decking may be necessary. Decking repair adds extra time to the project’s duration. You should coordinate with the roofing company to ensure that the landscaping around your house and any architectural features, like permanent window awnings or an attached patio covering, are not damaged during the course of the project.

Roof replacement may seem costly, and you may be in for a surprise or two, but good home maintenance is the cheapest way to go in the long run. After the work is completed, you’ll probably want to take a walk around your property and pick up as many nails and wire brads as you can. All roof replacement contractors leave a trail behind them. It’s just part of roof replacement you’ll be forced to accept. A large magnet at the end of a stick can help you find lots of hidden metallic objects.

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