Is A Heat Pump Service Contract Expensive?

Heat Pump Service Contracts Are An Option To Consider

One of the best things you can do to keep your heat pump in proper working order is to secure a heat pump service contract. Contracts of this type can cost a little money, but the benefits provided by the service technicians will more than justify the cost. In fact, the basic maintenance included in the contract alone is often sufficient to offset the cost over the course of the year.

Regular Maintenance and Your Heat Pump Service Contract

With a heat pump service contract, you can rest assured that your heat pump will be inspected at regular intervals. The frequency of those inspections will be identified in the terms and conditions of the contract. Periodic inspections are crucial, since they make it possible to identify small issues with the pump and resolve them before there is the chance for those issues to develop into major operational problems.

Thanks to those regularly scheduled inspections, the possibility of the heat pump failing is kept to a minimum. This is important, since you don’t want the pump to fail when the weather outside is not particularly inviting and you really want to remain comfortable in the confines of your home.

Service Contracts And Troubleshooting Your Heat Pump

Another benefit of having a heat pump service contract is that you have access to support in the event the pump begins to malfunction. Typically, contract providers will respond to your request for assistance in a matter of hours.

In addition, the terms of the contract will often provide special pricing for different types of repairs. This will help to keep the overall expense to a minimum and allow you to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket. You may even find that certain types of repairs are covered in full thanks to your heat pump contract.

Typically provisions of this type are limited to a few types of repair jobs and the components involved. In addition, you may be allowed only so many covered events per year at no cost. Any other similar incidents may still be eligible for some type of discount, based on the terms of the service agreement.

Justifying the Expense Of A Heat Pump Service Contract

In order to compare the costs of maintaining the heat pump service contract, it often helps to determine what you would pay for the same range of services if you did not have some sort of agreement in place. A good place to start is with the cost of a couple of routine maintenance checks each year.

Typically, the cost for those visits is covered in full under the terms of the contract. If you don’t have an agreement in place, you would expect to pay a significant sum out of pocket for each visit. In many cases, even two routine maintenance checks will amount to roughly the entire cost of maintaining the service contract. The benefit of having the contract will also become apparent if you assume the need for one repair call during the course of a calendar year.

By the time you consider factors such as the cost of labor and any parts that may need to be replaced, the total could come very close to the cost of an annual contract. When you consider this along with the two maintenance checks each year, the money you spend on the contract begins to look very competitive.

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, a heat pump service contract can be a little expensive. At the same time, the benefits provided in that contract can easily justify the expense. By having the coverage in place, you are protected from situations that could cost a great deal of money. In the long run, selecting the contract and making good use of it just makes sense.

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