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DIY Appliance Installation: Things To Consider

appliance installation is not difficult

Armed with the right knowledge and tools, you could save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars by performing your own appliance installation. Having the wherewithal to just do it, many installs can be done by the average homeowner. Let’s explore various appliance installations and the things you’ll need for the job. We’ll also look at […]

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7 Simple Ways To Conserve Energy This Year

Make sure your furbnace and blower are working efficiently

With rising energy costs ballooning our bills month after month, figuring out ways to conserve energy is on everyone’s mind. Recent heat waves haven’t helped and the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a colder than normal winter for the southwest this year. With a little upgrading and maintenance, your systems can hum and purr, saving you money […]

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Simplifying Your DIY Project

simplify your diy project

Things to Know Before You Start a DIY  ProjectThere’s no reason to be afraid of rolling up your sleeves and starting your own DIY project. Aside from saving you money, you’ll also be learning a new skill. And let’s not forget gaining pride from seeing a project to completion from beginning to end.With that said, you […]

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Free Woodworking Plans

truly free woodworking plans

You’ll Need To Sort Through Links To Find The Best Woodworking Plans In my last article I said I might compile a bunch of links to truly free woodworking plans. Okay. I hear you and I’m going to deliver those plans today.  Most of the websites the I found are really good, many offer premium […]

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5 Remodeling Salvage Tips from a Demolition Contractor

remodel salvaging tips

  Quick! Name three things that can be recycled! Chances are you thought of aluminum cans, paper, and maybe plastic. But we’re betting you didn’t think of houses. That’s right—entire houses can be recycled these days! To recycle a house, you’d need to find a willing buyer and arrange transport to their plot of land. […]

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Green Lawn Care Tips Made Easy

eco-friendly lawn

We all want a greener lawn – both in color and in making our yard and surroundings more earth friendly. So, here are some lawn care tips that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood and help maintain a healthy soil in your yard. Lawn care is typically considered a chore, but it […]

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Organizing My Garage: First Steps And Goals

The Garage – First Things First… Organizing my garage seemed like a pipe dream for a long time. Things would come up, work got in the way, etc. etc. blah blah. To boot, it’s SO messy that I dreaded anyone seeing it. Okay. I had a video posted of the horrible mess, but I had […]

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Completing A DIY Home Improvement Project

finish your DIY project!

DIY Home Improvement Projects Save Money If you are interested in making some type of change to your home, you may want to do the work yourself. Many people perform DIY home improvement primarily to save money. By doing the work yourself, you won’t have to pay a contractor for his labor. The labor of […]

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Roof Replacement Concepts To Think About

do not neglect your roof!

A Good Roof Can Last 30 Years When the roofing on your house has aged past its expected life span, roof replacement becomes necessary. Problems will start to occur that cause considerable damage to your home’s structure. Inside the house, roof leaks can cause water to run down the inside of walls. That can damage […]

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