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Five DIY Energy Saving Tips To Lower Utility Usage

energy saving tips

Practical DIY Energy Savers Homeowners are tired of high heating and cooling costs, and they are wondering what DIY energy savers they can do right away to save some money. Are you looking for easy and effective DIY projects that will help bring your utility bills under control?  We’ve got a handful of great ideas […]

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Residential Roofing Contractors Provide Very Different Estimates

residential roofing contractors

Research Residential Roofing First When we bought our house, we knew that it wouldn’t be long before we’d need to talk to a residential roofing contractor. The house was older but in generally good repair. The roof had been on the house for over fifteen years and the edges of the roofing were starting to […]

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Spider Mite Control In Your Garden Plants

How To Spot Spider Mites There are thousands of species of mites, so this article addresses the household plant spider mite as a pest and some simple as well as aggressive ways to eradicate them as well as prevent them. Spider mites can destroy plants and they are typically very difficult to see. Most of […]

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Safety On The Job: Building Safety Into Everything You Do

 Safety On The Job Begins With YouIf you think taking measures for the sake of safety is a pain, try a fractured leg. Accidents happen in an instant but a scar lasts forever…Safety on the job isn’t just a good idea, it’s should be second nature by now. I used to fly airplanes and got my […]

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Choosing The Right Handyman Matters!

hiring the right handyman matters

Every homeowner that hires a handyman will wonder if they’ve hired the best handyman for the job. It’s bound to happen and even causes some people to hesitate or worse, let an important project go because they aren’t sure how to get the right man for the job. If you hire the wrong guy, he’ll […]

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Decyphering Handyman Rates For Home Repairs

This article is a supplement to the article “How Much Does A Handyman Charge” that I wrote last year. I think my previous article gives some good insight into the home improvement industry as a whole, but maybe I can offer a better answer to the question: What are fair handyman rates, & how much […]

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Radon Gas And Granite Countertops

granite countertop radon gas threat?

Is Your Counter Top Emitting Radon Gas? There was for at least a time a major concern about granite counter tops and radon gas exposure. The truth is, there really is only a small amount of radon gas emitted from granite, but normally the amounts are so low that they do not present a danger. […]

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How Much Does A Handyman Charge?

Handyman charges how much

What Should A Handyman Charge? So what should a handyman charge? Hmmm…it depends. The short answer – in Dallas, and most everywhere else, the cost range can be dramatic…and confusing. The quality of a handyman service can vary greatly because of the nature of the business, it seems a lot of people try their hand […]

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Hiring A Handyman Or Contractor – Tips For Homeowners

Handyman Hiring Tips – It’s About Common Sense Are you hiring a handyman for that project of yours or a general contractor? Do you know the difference? Often a contractor’s fees to handle small projects are cost-prohibitive. A good handyman can provide a practical and cost-effective solution. Most handymen can handle a variety of odd […]

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