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Post Puller For Fence Builders: Pulling Fence Posts With Ease

When I was working my handyman business, I had many fence building and fence post replacement jobs that required me to pull a lot of fence posts, both 4” square wooden posts and metal posts, almost all of them buried in concrete. I didn’t have a post puller for a long time. Without some sort […]

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Exterior Painting Supplies And Tools

exterior house painting tools and paint supplies

Always Use The Right Exterior Painting Supplies And Tools Using the correct exterior painting supplies will ensure the best results when painting the exterior of your home. You already finalized your exterior paint project and picked the paint colors to use, but you also need to be sure of the tools that you will need […]

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Saving Money With A Diesel Generator

1700 watt diesel generator

Diesel GeneratorsDiesel generators have been around for a very long time. Over the last fifty years or so, our country has been looking for a long term solution to our energy shortages. There are many reserves of oil and natural gas to be found within our borders, but many people are encouraging us to look for […]

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Window Cleaning Tips – How To Wash Windows Like A Pro

A while back a good friend of mine who owns a small window cleaning business lost his only employee and asked me if I would help him out for a few days. I really didn’t stick with it long enough to be really good at it, but he did give me his window cleaning tips, […]

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Choosing A Small Dehumidifier For Your Home

learnWhy You Need A Dehumidifier If you’re thinking about getting a dehumidifier and you’re not sure what size or kind to get, read on. All homes need some sort of humidity control for optimal health for you and your family as well as the safe-keeping of your home. The EPA suggests that you should maintain […]

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