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" Your Dallas Handyman will always strive to alleviate as much of the pain associated with regular upkeep of your home as possible by providing information, guidance and insights, earned over many years in the home improvement, home repair and home maintenance fields."

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About Your Dallas Handyman

After many years of hands-on experience, I've developed a sort of "sixth sense" about what makes a home both unique and enjoyable. Sheer determination and the sweat of persistence developed a passion for a well maintained home environment. The big "takeaway" lesson? Regular maintenance is the key to a healthy and happy home.

Handyman and contracting pros cost a lot of hard earned money. It's tough keeping up with everything a well-maintained home needs. It's easy to let things slip rather than stay on top of maintenance, repairs and improvements. In truth? It's far easier to stay on top of home maintenance chores than it is to get on top of the list of things that need to be done.

Every home has something that needs to be done. It's just a fact.

The goal of this site is to provide the kind of home DIY that makes sense for everyone and do the research necessary for you to take an approach to home improvement in a quicker and less painful way.

Some things require a professional while others do not. We believe every home owner should learn the difference between the two. Everyone is different with different capabilities.

"If you take care of your home, your home will take care of you!"

A confession... I am a DIY and home improvement geek.

What Our Readers Say

Thanks Phil, ​after reading this in my 30 year old home I opened up the unit, wow I was amazed at all the hair an dead skin collected over the years! Cleaned it all up even re-strung one of the heat coils, ty for posting this it was really easy to do. Now I will maintain it yearly, amazing how much better the house smells now too!

- Jeff

Phil has demonstrated thorough knowledge, expert detail, and excellent work ethics in every aspect of work performed for me. I would recommend him for any work in which one would expect the very best results, as he will favorably produce excellent results. A definite "go to guy" for any handyman issues.

- Rebecca C.

Phil demonstrates a high level of integrity in his business as well as personal relationships. As a good listener, Phil gleans your needs rapidly then communicates them back to you, assuring you of mutual and agreeable understanding. Phil and I undertook a project mid-2009 which involved some analysis and budgeting and was 100% successful thanks to his desire to meet expectations and satisfy the customer.

- David Z.

This particular post How To Clean Central Air Conditioning Condenser Coils has great advice and I actually learned precisely what I was
basically researching for. Many Thanks.

- Anonymous

My Journey

I learned how to build things with wood and lay floors from my dad when I was just a kid. My brother Paul taught me how to run a simple business and helped me earn my very first paycheck by laying carpet in a funeral home with him. I was 12 at the time.

Years later, I taught myself how to build the best set of shelves in the neighborhood. (These days I build websites.) Your Dallas Handyman was my first website. It isn't the only one I run, and it surely won't be the last. But it is my first, and the one I'm most proud of. Why? Because here you'll find the work of my hands. I've spent a lot of time creating, building and fixing things, and it seems I won't be stopping any time soon. 

Being a home DIY'er is in my blood.

So, this.. 

And, Since Launching This Website...

At first, Your Dallas Handyman was little more than a place where my project pictures and stories could live. It was a time when the blogosphere was rapidly changing. I struggled a lot with the changes Google made over the next several years that would eventually result in an improved search experience. I reluctantly struggled to stayed ahead of the curve, but I'm really glad that I did.

hiring the right handyman matters

Because now, I have a website where:

  • You can learn multiple ways to save money on your home.
  • You’ll learn how to finish home projects on your own, which leads to a great sense of accomplishment.
  • You’ll learn how to negotiate with contractors (and handymen) in order to get the biggest bang for your buck.
  • You’ll learn about discounts and product savings that may otherwise go by unnoticed.
  • You'll learn why contractors (electricians, plumbers, handyman, etc…) seem to make so much money, and how you can stay ahead of them, well, at least in a few important ways...
  • You'll see how easy it is to keep up with your home and not go broke.
  • You'll learn what's really important to know before buying your next home.
  • You will get to spend time with me. (awesome!)


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Meet Your Dallas Handyman

I launched my handyman business in 2006. My advertising budget was the cost of a piece of paper, which I posted on the local grocery store bulletin board with my information on it. I got my first job the very same day and stayed busy from that flyer for my entire first summer in business.Times have changed, but my philosophy hasn't: Quality work for a fair price. 

Your Dallas Handyman

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