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Do you ask yourself


  • Why do contractors (electricians, plumbers, handyman, etc…) seem to make so much money?
  • How can I possibly keep up with my house and not go broke?
  • What do I really need to know before I buy my next home?
  • How do I know if my house was a good buy?
  • Is this really the right price for this project?

Maybe you’re just looking for ways to reduce the cost of home repair or improvements or maybe want to do it yourself. You’ll find useful and actionable information right here. With rising costs in home improvement labor and materials, it’s vital that every homeowner learn what they can about maintaining their home. There are a lot of home improvement blogs on the internet. Your Dallas Handyman works hard at being both practical and (at least somewhat) entertaining where delivering useful information is concerned.

Simply learning the right way to paint a room or two and how easy it actually is can save you hundreds of dollars. Stay in touch with Your Dallas Handyman (me) and I’ll deliver savings tips you can actually use right away on lots of topics.

yourdallashandymanI started my handyman business in 2006 after spending a really long time in corporate America…advertising my new handyman business in the very rural area of northern New Jersey I lived in was literally as simple as posting a simple flyer in the local grocery store. It’s funny really, and this actually happened; when I got home from the grocery store, my phone was blinking. The message was from a guy who wanted me to install a digital thermostat in his house. I ended up doing several jobs for him and he was a loyal customer until I left Jersey to come back home to Texas.

hiring the right handyman matters

My work truck – new door decals around 2010.

Maybe I was lucky, or there was a need for handyman where I was at the time; but it seemed to work out…my dad was a jack-of-all-trades and taught me how to lay floors and build things with wood well before my tenth birthday. N joke. So even though I do know a thing or two about corporate America, my woodworking roots go way, way back. By my late teens I had my own basic design for built in shelves that I perfected over the years. I still use the same design features whenever I get the chance.

A true handyman never stops learning, and while no one is really an expert at everything, you will find that virtually every handyman has some specific areas of expertise while constantly expanding his knowledge base. Most of the projects on this website are my own, and I take pictures whenever possible; to share, of course! “How To Turn A Skylight Into A Work Of Art” is a perfect example of a project I thoroughly enjoyed, which gave me an opportunity to exploit one of my strengths as a handyman. I included that story to both inspire and educate every homeowner I can.

I think it’s a project pretty much any able-bodied person could accomplish, with just enough coaching (and enough desire) to get through it. Here’s why keeping in touch with Your Dallas Handyman makes you a smarter home owner:

  • You’ll learn multiple ways to save money on your home improvement projects.
  • You’ll learn how to finish home projects on your own, which leads to a great sense of accomplishment.
  • You’ll learn how to negotiate with contractors (and handymen) in order to get the biggest bang for your buck.
  • You’ll learn about discounts and product savings that may otherwise go by unnoticed.
  • You will get to spend time with me. (awesome!)

I believe every home needs regular care because aging and normal deterioration are both persistent and automatic. I also believe home improvement can be a lot of fun and the feelings associated with accomplishing improvements are what make the home owner’s home experience truly fulfilling.

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My handyman business is a sole proprietorship called Thousand Hills Properties and I work the northeast corner of Dallas county from my home in Rowlett, Texas.

You can read more about my history and why I became a handyman in this article.